Friday, August 19, 2005

Right Or Wrong

what is right or what is wrong?
who decides whether something is right or something is wrong? ever wondered?
i for one dont really know for sure whether something is right or wrong, rather i believe it to be either right or wrong. there are certain things which i believe are wrong, eg. acts of cruelty and there are certain things i believe are correct, eg. i believe in caring for the nature.It is rather a way I decide to act, to live. So right or wrong are based on jugdments, these judgments can be ours which are shaped by the world (read society) around us. The society has given us certain rules or acts..known as morality. all our actions are bounded by the confines of morality.

But if all the people on this planet died, and there was no one left to testify for these morals in the future, would these set of rules still apply? would right and wrong still exist? would the truth represented by these morals still hold true? if they still hold true , then who would be holding them? The only answer that comes to my mind is GOD. one has to someone immortal, omnicient to know the true way of living. he or she doesnt die. he lives on forever. but what if God never existed? what would happen to our set of morals then? would they dissappear along with humanity. would right or wrong cease to exist the moment we do not confront the question with a choice?

If the basis of right or wrong is based on such flimsy grounds , perhaps they never existed in the true sense. they are all part of the fantasies, a kind of utilities that mankind have developed to facilitate its existence. So, perhaps there is not such a thing as a true way of acting, a true moral… So, we are left without right and wrong, left without guide. We are left just with ourselves, we are left alone. Therefore, if right and wrong don’t exist, we are free to act, we can do whatever we want. We are free to choose. However, we are fully responsible for our acts and for all consequences that follow those acts. there is no one to blame!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in fact if u look at it thats one of the first things that modern science teaches u

1:14 PM, February 09, 2006  

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